What is AngelReturn?

AngelReturn is a fun way to socialize and meet other people in your area.

How does AngelReturn work?
It's simple! Complete your profile and click on the "Find People" tab. AngelReturn will automatically calculate the best matches for you. After viewing each profile, you can choose to either send them a message, or a gift to break the ice.

Where is the inbox?
All your messages are integrated in the chat window. Even when someone isn't online you can send them a message there and they will be notified the next time they login. Click the 'messages' link in the top menu to see all the messages you've sent/received.

Where can I choose which emails I receive from AngelReturn?
Click on the "settings" link at the top right corner of the page. Under email settings, you can customize which emails you recieve.

How do I enter or edit my location in AngelReturn?
Click on the "Profile" tab, then click the 'edit my profile' button in the top right corner. You'll see your location listed there.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
You can recover your password by going to www.AngelReturn.com and clicking on "Forgot Password?" on the main login page.

I don't want my age to show in my profile.
AngelReturn policy requires that all members include their age in their profile. If you notice members who have profiles that do not display their age, it's because they have not filled in the required fields of their profile yet. They will be asked to completely fill them out in order to continue searching.

How do I upload photos to my profile?
We encourage you to upload a lot of pictures. Making your profile more interesting will add to the attraction of it, increasing your chances of receiving more messages! First, make sure that your profile has been completed and saved. Once that step is done, you can upload photos by clicking on the "Profile" tab. To the left you'll see an 'add photos' button.

What photos are allowed by AngelReturn?
Your primary photo must be a clear photo of you, and only you. Your primary photo cannot be a picture of an object, animal, celebrities, or groups of people. You have the rest of your photo gallery to show off other things that are important to you. Also, none of the uploaded pictures may contain pornographic, copyrighted, or otherwise offensive material. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details. We reserve the right to block access to users who don't comply with these rules.

Why can't I remove my photo?
AngelReturn policy requires that all users provide at least one photo. Therefore, you cannot remove your last photo unless you actually deactivate your account. If you would like to change your photo, simply upload a replacement photo first and then remove the original photo. Photo edits can be made from your profile.

What are gifts?
Gifts are 'virtual objects' that you can send to people to help break the ice when trying to engage them in conversation.

What do I do if see an underage member?
AngelReturn is for users over 18 years of age only! This is a very strict rule and we do our best to ensure a safe dating environment for all. Our admins are always going through profiles blocking underage members. You can help us by clicking on "report this profile" and selecting "Under Age". This will alert our administrators, who will then address the issue according to our rules and policies. Thank you for your involvement in keeping AngelReturn a safe dating environment for all!

Oops, I accidently ignored someone and I didn't want to!
No worries, just go back to their profile and click the unblock button.

Will the other person know if I have ignored them?
No, you can always feel free to ignore other members for any reason. Whether it is because they have offended you or simply because you are just not interested, you can ignore them without them ever receiving notification that you did so.

What do I do if I am having trouble validating my email?
There will be a message in the inbox of your real email, not your BeSocialbox. Its subject will be "AngelReturn Email Validation". In this message there will be a link for you to use to validate your email. If you are not receiving the AngelReturn Email Validation email, we recommend you try the following solutions:

We have strict email validation rules to make sure our users can receive notifications from AngelReturn. We do this to improve reply rate on AngelReturn to provide a better dating experience for all AngelReturn users.

How do I deactivate or cancel my AngelReturn account?
Easy, go to Account Settings on the top left menu of any page. Once there, click on the "Deactivate your profile" there will be checkbox which allows you to deactivate and hide your profile so you are no longer visible in search results.
Not to worry you can always re-activate your account later.